OTC Derivatives Market - Recent Developements

Purpose of the Document

The document outlines the characteristics of the OTC Derivatives market.  The OTC derivatives market is growing exponentially in the recent times. With the growth they are also facing a lot of issues. In order to resolve these issues, there are developments happening in and around the market microstructure. The document focuses on the recent developments and concludes with the topic of debate i.e. whether there will be a unification of Exchange derivatives and OTC derivatives market.

Organization of the Document

The document is divided into four sections:

Section 1: Gives an overall picture of present OTC derivatives market

Section 2: Describes the traditional OTC derivatives market microstructure

Section 3: Briefs about the recent developments happening in the OTC Derivatives market

Section 4: Concludes the document with the view of analysts on the recent developments

Finally ends with the list of references for the preparation of this document


Download the Whole Paper

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